Facebook javascript sdk


2020年7月15日 Facebook sdk.jsが404エラーを返す. Felipe Francisco 投稿 Javascript. 50. フェリペフランシスコ:. 私のWebアプリにはFacebook JS SDKが実装されてい ます。 昨日、すべてが正常に機能し、コードを変更することなく、 

Among its projects, this third party developed its own Facebook SDK in Javascript, a kit supported by Facebook that is useful to interact with Facebook API. I used the Facebook JavaScript SDK & the Graph API to build the Google map-based app fetching my friend’s cities from Facebook. It was a fun experience. Let’s talk a little more about the Graph API. I login into my Facebook account from www.facebook.com first. now i come to myApp and refresh it and hit Facebook Logout Button. This time i am not logged out from www.facebook.com. Considering that the Facebook Logout button on myApp is implemented using Javascript SDK FB.logout(function(){}) i have my Facebook appId which is configured correctly. Email not able to retrieve from facebook javascript SDK. 2.

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You can then submit that token to the server, use it to fetch the user's Facebook UserID using the Social Graph API, which you can 19 Oct 2016 First - include SDK library, second paste actual code to generate Facebook page plugin on your Drupal site. Include the JavaScript SDK on your page once, ideally right after the opening tag.